We handle complex litigation before various Moldovan courts. In our practice we represent both claimants and respondents. We worked on matters ranging from pharma and construction to IT, transportation, finances and shareholders' agreements.

In all the cases we are involved, we start with the story of the case and the overall strategy. During the trial, we do not shy from addressing questions for the opposite part – this is a practice well developed in common law (cross examination) and less used in Moldovan courts. We learned how to adapt cross examination for local courts. This often makes a big difference.

Because our lawyers have worked in the consulting filed for many years, they understand how your business operates, what are its needs and how to better service it. We like being prepared. We know the facts and master the law.
Representing an Italian investor in a complex set of about 15 trial cases, regarding its auto-motive project in Moldova.

Representing an Italian investor in a complex set of about 25 trial cases, regarding its construction projects in Moldova.

Representing majority and minority shareholders in litigating with their business partners.

Representing creditors and debtors in various disputes involving the protection of their rights.



We are constantly involved in domestic as well as international arbitration. This is a major field for our firm. We are fully equipped to represent clients as lead counsel in such proceedings.

Our firm is regularly retained for international arbitration proceedings. This is due to our practical knowledge of the field and specific academic background from one of the best universities in the world in the field of international arbitration (Queen Mary School of Law).

We have access to various professional databases that help us meet the needs of our clients in this field.
Representing an investor in two complex domestic arbitrations organized under the rules of a local arbitral institution.

Representing a local company before an international tribunal organized under the rules of a local arbitral institution.

Representing a local company before two international tribunals organized under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, with their seat in Paris (France). Representing a local company before an international tribunal organized under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, with its seat in The Hague (Netherlands).

Acting as local counsel for two international commercial arbitration proceedings.



We regularly consult businesses on issues and procedures before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova – possibilities, risks and ways to challenge certain laws or governmental decisions, etc. This is a specific field, with its own case-law, practice and rules.

We follow the judgements of the Constitutional Court. This helps us to be up to date for our clients' needs.
Consulting several businesses at various times on challenging the constitutionality of different laws, to protect the property rights of these companies.



This is a delicate type of litigation. Each business we litigate for wants to have a good relationship with central or local state authorities. At the same time, we advise our clients to challenge the legality of those decisions issued by state authorities that are either incorrect, abusive or somehow burdensome for their business.

We litigate against tax authorities, regulators in the field of transportation or legalization of foreign citizens, etc. These disputes do not always imply a high monetary value. They are important for strategic goals of our clients – to have a clean file regarding company's taxes, to have a certain manager from abroad be able to work for the company in Moldova, to have a transportation running smooth for a client that regularly delivers or uses its trucks, etc.
Representing an investor in challenging a decision of a local tax authority.

Representing an investor in explaining and challenging several decisions of a local tax authority on qualifying a complex transaction under certain legal provisions.

Representing an investor in challenging several decisions of the migration authority, banning the work of some of its key employees.

Representing a client in challenging a decision (fine) of a transportation authority.



We have multiple clients addressing us in their needs to understand the risks and possibilities in either commencing litigation (as claimant) or in litigation initiated against them (as respondents).

We are able to look into the issues brought up by these clients, and consider them in light of the applicable law, court practice of domestic courts and international tribunals, as well as through a good dose of pragmatism and reality.
Numerous requests from local and foreign businesses in assessing their situation as either claimant or respondent in various disputes.



Mr. Covali is opened for appointments as arbitrator for domestic or international arbitration. His legal practice as well as his academic understanding of the field helps him to be a qualified candidate for such appointments.
Mr. Covali was appointed as a sole arbitrator in a domestic dispute, at the Chisinau International Court of Commercial Arbitration (with AmCham Moldova).